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A new report claims that Apple’s rumored foray into wireless voice command Amazon Echo-like device will not include a new type of hardware, but rather a refreshed Apple TV with full-fledged Siri built right in.

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Apple is working on a device that will see it enter the home assistant game, with a competitor for the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices said to be on the way.

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Google has used the opening keynote of its I/O 2016 conference to announce two new offerings. The Alphabet-owned company has introduced its own Siri/Cortana/Alexa-like personal digital assistant called Google Assistant, as well as an Amazon Echo rival called Google Home. Google CEO Sundar Pichai described the underlying technology within Google Assistant as a “conversational assistant”, whereas Mario Queiroz – VP of product management at Google – claims that the Home will come equipped with “strong bass and clear highs” that should eclipse the performance of the Amazon Echo from a musical enjoyment perspective.

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