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If you’ve been involved in the jailbreak scene for any period of time and happen to be a fan of old school video gaming, then you might’ve heard of gpSPhone Game Boy Emulator for iPhone. The package is something that has been worked on extensively over the last few years, with the hard work being put into the project by ZodTTD and his team continuing to amaze us. The gpSPhone freight train doesn’t show any signs of slowing down at the moment, with the app recently being updated to v8.0.1, and is now available to download and try directly from the ZodTTD custom repository.

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Apple is pretty stringent when it comes to what is, and what isn’t allowed to grace its prized iTunes App Store. The company is notorious for swiftly shutting out any attempt to defy the company’s system of rules, with high-profile casualties now including the seemingly innocent VLC Media Player. Someone overlooking the moderation process clearly wasn’t on the ball when checking an app by the name of Awesome Baby Names, which bears a rather interesting secret; it actually contains its very own Game Boy Advance emulator within, and although, well, it’s not actually very good, one has to admire the tenacity of its creators. More details after the jump.

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