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A new Build 23036 of Windows Mobile 6.5 is out in the wild. Apart from a slightly different skinned keyboard and few bug fixes, nothing much has changed visually in this Build compared to the last leaked Build 23034 of Windows Mobile 6.5. Those of you who are feeling adventurous can go ahead and try out this latest Build on your Windows Phone capable of running Windows Mobile 6.5.

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The latest Build 23034 of Windows Mobile 6.5 is out now courtesy of some devoted folks from XDA-Developers forum. This new Build brings significant changes to the Start Menu button which has now been moved to the bottom and the taskbar (or the status bar) on the top looks smaller like it is on Android and iPhone.

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Windows Mobile team at Microsoft is clearly at work these as we get to see new improvements every week. The latest Build 23022 of Windows Mobile 6.5 is out. It has got all the features ported from Build 219xx plus some more new features and improvements. The whole UI looks much more cleaner now and is much more speedy plus memory management in this new Build is said to be excellent.

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