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The Beats brand, which started out as a line of headphones dreamed up by hip-hop mogul Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and fellow producer / entrepreneur Jimmy Iovine, now spawns several product categories, and more recently, evolved into a music subscription service by the name of Beats Music. Now, the Beats Music app for iOS has just been bumped to version 2.0, offering native support for the iPad. Check it out after the fold.

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After being originally teased back in October of last year, the Beats Music app is now available to download for iOS, Android and Windows Phone through the relevant app stores. Beats, a company who take their music very seriously, are describing the new service as a place being “curated by people who believe music is emotion and life”. The differentiating factor that exists within Beats Music appears to be the fact that the app and service is built around musical customization that exists to try and present subscribers with a perfectly curated playlist of music based on their current tastes and moods.

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The Beats Music brand has really taken the headphone and speaker market by storm, and while there are plenty of purists who would argue that the entire Beats product line is more about style than substance, there’s no doubt that the foundations have well and truly been laid for a streaming music service. Speaking with The Next Web, a Beats executive has confirmed that an official iOS app is in the pipeline, and although an Android version, as well as a Web offering, will eventually become available, the release to the iTunes App Store is at the top of the company’s agenda.

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