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It hasn’t been very long since the world saw Android 4.2 Jelly Bean come to light, with all its fancy new feature enhancements, some of which have been welcomed across the globe with great enthusiasm. Whether you’ve tried the latest Android flavor on your device yet or not depends solely on what smartphone or tablet you are carrying, or if you’re using a custom ROM or prefer stock ones, but Google is on a roll already, having let out Android 4.2.1 just a while back, carrying, among various others, a bug fix that’s more obvious than all the others – the missing “December” in the original 4.2 release, which rendered people with birthdays and anniversaries in the last month of the year, well, without a reminder of sorts.

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A large number of Android users have been plagued by a rather annoying bug in Android 4.2 that caused the month of December to go missing from the native date picker in certain apps. Thankfully, it looks like Google has stepped up just in time to save the day with an update to Jelly Bean, taking it up to version 4.2.1.

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