Studious For Android Is The Perfect Replacement For Your Student Planner

There are plenty of apps out there for all devices, and not all of them are of any real use to people. Yes, games are entertaining and there are plenty of apps that have that cool factor, but how many have us coming back to them each and every day because they enhance our lives somehow? How many are must-have apps that we need in order to function?

If you’re a student and happen to own an Android smartphone, then Studious may fall into that category.

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In a broad spectrum, Studious is a way for students to manage all kinds of things, as well as an inverted alarm clock – the app can tell your phone when to keep quiet and when to make noise, all based on some predetermined specifications.

More on that quite mode in a minute. First, what about the other features?

If you’re a student then you’re probably all too familiar with the idea of homework. It’s something that teachers and lecturers love to pile onto their students, and with so many tasks and essays floating around it is easy to forget what needs doing for which classes. Admittedly, there are ways of recording homework requirements using the good ol’ pen and paper, but nobody wants to do that, do they?


Studious allows users to handle all their homework inside the app, giving them the opportunity to record the required homework based on class and task. Homework can be assigned a due date here, too.

It is perhaps the quiet modes that offer the most useful for some, though.


Simply, Studious allows students to tell the app when all their classes are. If you’ve got a particular class at 9am, tell the app and then specify settings based on what you want your phone to do. Want it to just vibrate? Studious will do just that. Want it to be completely silent? No problem. Assuming you set the app up properly, there should be no more of those situations when your smartphone starts ringing in class, usually with some particularly embarrassing ringtone!


Studious is absolutely free and available on Google’s Play Store right now. If you’re a student and need to remember homework, or could make use of the silent modes offered by the app, then we suggest you give Studious the once over.

Download Studious for Android [Google Play link]

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