SmartSilence For Android Lets You Schedule Silent Mode On Your Device, Saves You From Public Embarrassment

SmartSilence for Android is an app that allows you to avoid the faux pas of having your device’s ringer test its vocal chords at those oh-so inconvenient times. By allowing you to schedule time periods when you’ll definitely be requiring total silence from your smartphone, you can avoid the interruption of the call or text tone that, for some reason, always seems to ring loudest when you don’t want it to at all. More details and the download link can be found right after the break.

We’ve all been there; in a meeting, at a conference or in the library concentrating heavily on the task in hand, and all of a sudden, the sharp, loud bellow of a mobile ringtone interrupts everybody within that proximity. If it’s somebody else, it’s annoying, and in this situation, one or more of the person’s peers will give that pitying stare of dismay. If it’s you, you’re the one on the receiving the disapproving glares, as the grim reality that you’ve committed the cardinal sin of social etiquette sets in.

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SmartSilence purports to resolve the issue by allowing you to punch in the hours you’re going to be spending at school, work, college, in meetings, in the library, or any other formal or informal occasion where silence is of the essence. By doing so, your device will automatically flit between silent and loud depending on the times you set, leaving absolutely no margin for forgetfulness.


The interface is very clean, which makes it a joy to actually use. As well as being able to set times for your regular events, you can also add in one-time events as you please, although this does require the paid, Pro version which costs a dollar.

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Although we’d recommend the Pro edition for its ability to add one-off events at will, it’s probably best you give the free version a try first, just to ensure you like the app and it does the job for you.

The free version is linked below, and if you do try it out, please leave your thoughts in the comments section!

(Source: SmartSilence: Silent Scheduler for Android on the Play Store)

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