Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Galaxy Note 4: Specs / Features Comparison [Chart]

Here’s a features and specs comparison of Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy Note 4. More details and comparison chart can be found right here after the break.

Now that the Galaxy S6 is available having been announced at Mobile World Congress, many of you will be contemplating the purchase. But despite its status as Samsung’s presumed flagship, it’s not exactly a generation leap from the company’s other major handset, the Galaxy Note 4. If you’re on the fence and unsure as to whether the S6 or the Note 4 suits your needs, then our specs and features comparison below might help you to arrive at a decision.

Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy Note 4 main

Let’s not beat around the bush, here: either one of these devices is going to offer more than enough power to suit almost anybody’s requirements, but where the Galaxy S and Note series have generally remained similar in most aspects except size and S Pen capabilities, there are currently far more differences than there have ever been.

The 5.1-inch display of the Galaxy S6 is not meant to be squirreled away into the pocket, but should be more comfortable to tuck away than the Note 4, which includes a mammoth 5.7-inch display. They’re both 2K panels, which means that the display of the S6 is a tad sharper at an eye-watering 577 ppi, but either way, you’ll do well to notice any pixels with the naked eye.


One of the major factors that will surely determine whether one purchases an S6 or a Note 4 is the removable storage and battery. Samsung fans have continually lauded the fact that the company’s flagship can switch batteries and increase storage at will, but Sammy appears to have stopped this with the Galaxy S6. Thus, if you’re looking for the ability to add memory or swap out your battery, go for the Note 4 over the S6, the latter of which offers neither of these features.

The cameras of each handset look similar on paper, although the rear-facing shooter of the Galaxy S6 edges it thanks to its f/1.9 aperture, which lets more light in for a better end product. The front-facing camera is also better on the S6, with wide-angle making for better group selfies.


The Galaxy S6 carries a much-revised design, with a slicker, metallic shell that will probably go down well with fans of higher-end design. After years of bemoaning the plasticky finish, Samsung has finally taken a leaf out of Apple and HTC’s books, although as aforementioned, it does forgo many omni-present features like removable battery in order to achieve the look.

Here’s a full-on look at both devices, pound-for-pound:

Galaxy S6 vs Note 4 comparison chart detail

Based on the key details, have you made your decision to buy the Note 4 or the S6? Or perhaps you’ve got your eye on the HTC One M9? Whatever the case, do share your comments with us below!

Update: Originally published on 3/31, this article has been updated with more side-by-side specs for both devices.

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