The PS3 hacking scene is hotting up these days, but with Sony’s current spat with George Hotz kicking off, it’s unclear where the hackers will turn next. One potential new hero is Mathieu Hervais according to PSX-Scene.

PS3 Jailbreak

The well-known hacker today tweeted that he a has discovered a bug that allows exploiting metldr, the bootloader and firmware version 3.56.

With Sony planning to release an ‘un-hackable’ PS3, it’s interesting to see that new holes are still being discovered in the console’s latest firmware. It’s even more interesting that Hervais doesn’t plan to release a working hack. Is Sony’s attack on George Hotz having an affect on the way the PS3 hacking scene works?

What happens next we’ll have to wait and see. It does appear that Sony has the hacker’s concerned about potential consequences of crossing the Japanese gaming giant though.

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