Lock Screen 2 For OS X Brings The iOS Lockscreen Experience To The Mac! Download Now [VIDEO]

Unlocking your computer with a password? That is so five years ago. We’ve come across a new app for OS X today that lets users lock and unlock their desktop using hotkeys, slide to unlock (a la iOS) with keyboard/trackpad/pass-pattern and comes with a plethora of customization options that make it a must-try app.


Developed by iDevelop, Lock Screen 2 completely changes the way users lock and unlock their OS X-powered desktop or notebook. It comes with a variety of options which let you decide how you want to lock/unlock your machine.

From Mac App Store:

Introducing The New Way To Lock/Unlock Your Computer Screen On MacOS
✔ Lock by hotkeys
✔ Lock after idle
✔ Lock before sleep
✔ Slide to unlock by keyboard
✔ Slide to unlock by trackpad
✔ Slide to unlock by passpattern
✔ Custom slide to unlock text
✔ Custom lock/unlock sound
✔ Custom wallpapers
✔ Open at login option

There are three ways folks can lock their Mac using Lock Screen 2: by using a specific combination of keyboard characters (hotkeys), auto-lock after the computer is left idle for some time and/or auto-lock before the computer goes to sleep mode.

Unlocking options are equally versatile, allowing users to slide to unlock (just like iOS) by pressing a row of characters on the keyboard or by pressing a specific row of characters on the keyboard (pass pattern) or by swiping across the trackpad like a boss.

Besides this, users can customize the lock/unlock sound, the lockscreen wallpaper and the slide to unlock text.


By now, you can probably tell that this is an unusually powerful lockscreen app. This unusual power comes with a price, as Lock Screen 2 costs $4.99. Thankfully, the app is, as of writing, on sale for just $1.99.

I personally wouldn’t pay for an app that supercharges locking/unlocking experience, but, if you’ve got a spare few dollars lying around, Lock Screen 2 wouldn’t be a bad deal. You can download it from the link embedded at the end.

The app is compatible with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Lion.

Download Lock Screen 2 [Mac App Store Link]

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