This is Why Your iPhone Tracks Your Every Move!

You know your iPhone has been noting down every movement you make but you didn’t know why and you’re most likely pissed because the data is being kept on your own phone and computer in unencrypted form which can be accessed by anyone. You sure have a dark life like everyone else does which you would like to keep to yourself but Apple has been making that harder for you. You must be wondering why? Well, to cut it short: to build its location database.

The database that Apple has been maintaining by collecting your location data is used for geo-location apps and for diagnosing the problems such as how the service reacts in what geo-location.

Apple has already shared the geo-tracking information in a letter back in 2010:

These databases must be updated continuously to account for, among other things, the ever-changing physical landscape, more innovative uses of mobile technology, and the increasing number of Apple’s customers. Apple has always taken great care to protect the privacy of its customers.

You can, however, turn the geo-tracking off by putting Location Services off. What Apple doesn’t mention in the letter is the fact that the data is also stored on your local phone and the archive stays there till eternity. The storage on the local phone is encrypted before it’s sent to Apple through Location Services but the archive is never emptied.

While all of this could be for a greater good such as better service and apps, Apple should at least provide its users with an option to choose between keeping the archive on phone or not. Jailbreakers can feel proud since they can save their backs using this cool Cydia app.

(via TechCrunch)

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