iPhone 7 Has The Best LCD Display On A Mobile Phone Ever, Says DisplayMate

Apple may not have moved over to OLED technology with the recently released iPhone 7 range, but new information coming in heaps praise directly onto the iPhone 7’s Retina HD display, outlining it as one of the best performing displays on a smartphone it has tested.

Apple took the opportunity during its September 7th event to note that the new iPhone 7 display is the brightest display to make it onto an iPhone to date, but a new analysis report shows that it also performs extremely well in other key areas. The report starts by paying reference to the fact that the display on the iPhone 7 range appears virtually identical to the display used on last year’s iPhone 6s, as well as the iPhone 6 released back in 2014.


Aside from having the exact same size and pixel resolution, the report outlines that that is where the similarities end with the iPhone 7 offering a “truly impressive major enhancement and advancement on the iPhone 6 display… and even every other mobile LCD display that we have ever tested.” Praise indeed, to immediately suggest that Apple’s new display outperforms all other LCD-based displays tested.

In addition to suggesting that the iPhone 7 display is the most impressive LCD smartphone display it has ever tested, the researchers also highlighted its peak brightness, power efficiency, and absolute color accuracy as key points of interest for the iPhone 7 display. The report noted that this latest Apple screen is 7-percent more power efficient than the iPhone 6 display, and it achieves this performance in spite of the fact that it offers a much wider color gamut over that particular device range.

The researchers were also highly impressed with the iPhone 7 display’s record absolute luminance accuracy, which is vitally important to producing an accurate image:

In order to produce an accurate image, the display needs to produce an Accurate Luminance (Brightness) value for every color throughout its entire Color Space. Many displays produce Accurate Colors but produce them with inaccurate Luminance values, so the pixels in the image appear with a systematically incorrect distribution of color and Brightness, which distorts the appearance of the picture. Absolute Luminance Accuracy is a very important picture quality metric.

These Absolute Luminance Accuracy results for the iPhone 7 are excellent and are visually indistinguishable from perfect.


When you have a report that identifies something as “visually indistinguishable from perfect”, then you know you are doing something right. If you are an iPhone 7 owner, or are thinking about becoming one, then you can view the full report via the source DisplayMate.

(Source: DisplayMate)

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