HP MediaSmart Server update 1.3: Direct Download

Corresponding with Microsoft’s Power Pack 1 release, HP released a software update for the HP MediaSmart Server which delivers enhanced media streaming  HP MediaSmart Servercapability like PacketVideo, server-side anti-virus protection from McAfee and prepares the HP MediaSmart Server for compatibility with 64-bit operating systems.
This software update is available via an automatic update, or users can select “Check for Updates” in the Windows Home Server console. But many users including me faced this problem in which automatic updates in Windows couldn’t find this latest update on our HP MediaSmart Server. I then contacted HP regarding this problem which resulted in this direct download link from HP’s FTP site. So for all those who are facing this problem, grab this latest update directly from HP’s FTP server:

HP MediaSmart Server Addin in WHS Console

Download HP MediaSmart Server Update v.1.3 (Size: 184 mb)