How To Replace Battery Popup Alerts With Fully-Customizable Banners On iPhone

I was playing my favorite iOS game earlier today (Disc Drivin’, for those interested), and, mid-shot, I was rudely interrupted by that very obtrusive, rarely useful popup notification telling me I had 20% battery left. Lo and behold, I messed up my shot, and like many jailbreakers, took to Cydia to find a solution. There are many tweaks offering to change the way popup notifications look and behave, but I was in the hunt for something battery-specific, and found solace in the form of LowPowerBanner.

Unlike the popup, which deems itself important enough to cut into whatever app or game you may be enjoying, the banner subtly slips the memo under your door, ensuring you know what’s occurring without messing up your flow. Not only does LowPowerBanner deliver your battery info in the form of the revolving speech bubble, but you can also customize exactly which points you receive the alerts, and what they say.


To me, the 20% popup is rather pointless, because depending on how extensively I’m using my device, that’s still plenty of work / play time in my eyes. With that said, I do like the fact that I get two reminders, because I am less inclined to ignore, forget, and subsequently lose power before actually doing something about it. LowPowerBanner lets you create a banner for each percentage dropped if need be, and you can customize exactly what each one says. You can also, on the flipside, set alerts to notify you on when your battery levels are ascending when on charge, but in all honesty, this is rather pointless unless you’re trying to reach a certain point with a short power-charge.


It’s about as thorough a tweak as could possibly be, and you can also customize the sound made (albeit from a choice of two), add or omit the warning icon, and set it to vibrate if you’ve developed an habit for ignoring banners.


This tweak really is fantastic, and no longer will you have to contend with those irritating popup alerts. It’s free of charge, and can be grabbed over at the BigBoss repository. Well worth it.

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