How To Fix iPhone That Randomly Turns Off And Won’t Reboot

Is your iPhone randomly turning off? A number of iPhone 5 users on Apple Support Community are complaining about a rather bizarre issue where the handset powers down abruptly and in some cases won’t even reboot. It happens completely randomly, without the battery indicator hitting the 0% mark. In this article we have outlined some fixes that you can try to resolve the problem.

Before we start, it’s imperative to note that battery related issues are rather tied to hardware itself, and if going through the routines we’ve mentioned below fail, then you’ll probably end up at your local repair shop to get the battery replaced, or maybe get a replacement handset by Apple itself.

iPhone 5 main

Try Resetting Your Device

A fairly simple thing to do, resetting your iPhone will also reset your iPhone’s battery memory, and it should behave nicely once things are set up once again. But, there’s a small problem with this method: it will erase your iPhone completely, and you’ll lose your data. It’s recommended you make a complete backup of your device before going ahead with this one. Simply plug in your device to your PC or Mac, fire up iTunes and create a local backup. Or you can use iCloud Backup which is baked directly into iOS.

Navigate to Settings > General > Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings to freshen things up. And to make an iCloud Backup, navigate to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and turn iCloud Backup on.

Hard Reboot Your Device

This is another way to reset things on your iPhone without losing anything at all. Press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously on your iPhone 5 until it powers down (usually it takes around 10 seconds), and keep on holding it till it powers back up and the glorious Apple logo is on the display.

Device Not Turning On? Connect It To A Charger

If your device has powered down completely unexpectedly and is refusing to power up, then simply plugging the device to a power outlet will get things up and running. Mind one thing though: it’s highly likely that your device’s battery is damaged if this sort of thing happens, with the device refusing to power up, even though it had juice left in it before it showed the white flag.

Get The Latest iOS Update

Latest builds of iOS are generally stable and come with loads of performance enhancements, and in some cases, battery life fixes. And if you’re running an old version of iOS on your iPhone 5, then update to the latest one by heading over to Settings > General > Software Update.

Restore Using iTunes

All of the above failed? Try restoring your device using iTunes on your PC or Mac. And just like completely resetting your device, this will erase your data, and taking a backup of the device using iTunes or iCloud Backup is the way to go before hitting that Restore button.

Problem Still Exists?

iPhone 5 rear shot

No resolve even after going through the above routines? Well, then it’s highly likely that your device’s battery has given up and needs replacing. Replacing a battery might costs loads of money, but it’s the way to go if you want extra mileage out of your device. And if you bought your iPhone 5 directly from an Apple Store, then it’s recommended that you get the device replaced.

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