How To Add Instagram Feed To iOS Keyboard For Quick Photo Sharing

Sharing images from your Instagram feed with your friends has always been an issue. Instagram makes sharing image URLs possible, though the feature isn’t immediately obvious, and we’ve always wondered whether there is a better way. Turns out there might just be.

We told you not long ago about a Notification Center widget that made it possible to check your Instagram feed from anyone on an iPhone or iPad, making it easier and quicker to see the latest images to pop up in your feed. This new app called KeyFeed, will take such sharing a bit further.


Since the release of iOS 8 – which started accepting third-party keyboards – there has been an influx of alternate keyboard solutions from developers. KeyFeed, a free download from the App Store however sets itself slightly apart from the crowd. It brings Instagram to the iOS keyboard which at first sounds absolutely ridiculous to be honest, but if you bear with us, things might start to make a little more sense.

When installed and configured – the keyboard will need full access, which may put some people off – the keyboard will show the most recent images in your Instagram timeline where you might normally expect to see letters and numbers on any other keyboard. Tapping an image once will paste the URL of that image, while tapping it twice will like the image in question. We’re not too bothered about the liking part, but being able to instantly share the URL of an Instagram image is something we like the idea of very much, and if you share any number of them yourselves, we suspect you will too.

Beyond those two features there isn’t a great deal to KeyFeed, but that’s OK because what it claims to do, it does well. If you can get over the idea of sharing full keyboard access with the app then there’s little reason to not at least give KeyFeed a try. It’s free, and even if it comes in useful once or twice it’s worth having installed just in case.

KeyFeed - 1

(Download: KeyFeed for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

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