How Popular is the iPhone Compared to Android, BlackBerry and Others ? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know? Apple is worth more than Microsoft! As of writing, Apple is worth a whopping $262.53 billion dollars while Microsoft: $212B. One of the bigger reasons for its increasing stock worth is the iPhone – a smartphone introduced back in 2007 that literally revolutionized the cell phone market. Today, the iPhone is used as a benchmark, as a standard by which the quality of other phones are measured.

But how popular is the iPhone, exactly? It has significant market share in the US, but on an international level, the iPhone only accounts for 2% by brand.

In America, though, it has a nice 28% share (second only to Blackberry’s 35%). Android is also become increasingly popular, but we have to keep in mind that we’re comparing one smartphone – the iPhone – against dozens of Android handsets available on four different national carriers.

BillShrink has produced a very interesting infographic that illustrates the popularity of the iPhone compared to other brands and mobile operating systems. The information is a wee bit outdated, but it still does a pretty bang-up job of explaining stats and figures.


[Mashable via BillShrink]

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