Hotmail Wave 3 ? Still waiting..

Around a week ago, our friends at LiveSide had posted about the beginning of the rollout of Hotmail wave 3. And as of now, most of us are still waiting. Word is, that the rollout has experienced some troubles as well as those who are got their Hotmail account updated are facing issues with seeing their folders. To which the Official Windows Live Hotmail blog responded:

We are aware that some Hotmail customers are experiencing an issue seeing their folders with the new Windows Live Hotmail. The Microsoft engineering team is actively investigating and working on a solution. In the meantime, we are asking customers to please switch their browser font settings to medium. This is a temporary workaround. We apologize for the inconvenience and will notify you when the permanent solution is identified.

As Ars Technica noted, this blog post was taken down after a while. Although, it was a welcome move by the team to provide quick support for the folder issues, but the sudden removal of the post made no sense. But it’s out there. This is the beauty of RSS feeds.

LiveSide even posted screenshots of the web messenger in the new Hotmail. The chat windows open in a pop out, which is really ugly in my opinion. They should take a leaf out of Gmail, Facebook and Yahoo’s books, and provide chat inside the Hotmail window.

screenshot6 (2)

Image courtesy LiveSide

Although the new Hotmail is too white for my taste, I guess the final version would be more polished, and with the inclusion of scenes in Windows Live services, it’ll beautify the UI a notch. Meanwhile, we’re waiting for the roll out.