Here’s How To Download Battlefield 4 For PC Absolutely Free And Legally

The Battlefield series is among the foremost in the modern gaming industry, and if you’ve been tempted to try out Battlefield 4, now’s your best opportunity in which to do so. For one week, the title will be available to play for free via Origin Game Time, and we’ve got all of the specific details right here.

Battlefield is not only an incredibly engrossing game, but its also a graphically-intensive series that is regularly used to test the gaming potential of a high-end gaming machine, and if you’ve yet to try Battlefield 4 first-hand, EA has handed out a one week pass to anybody wishing to try out this epic first-person shooter.


The offer is available through Origin’s Game Time service, and although such trials often arrive with certain constraints, EA is rolling out the full-on, unadulterated Battlefield 4 experience complete with online multiplayer.

The single-player campaign is very enjoyable, as long-time Battlefield players will be more than aware, but like most FPS titles, it benefits greatly from the challenge and competition found online. With up to 64 players connected at any one time, it can become quite the party, and having indulged in a little Battlefield 4 myself these past few weeks, I’d hazard that many of you trialists will pony up for the whole game once the offer expires.

BF4 screenshot

Of course, this is EA’s rationale as well, and until August 14th, Origin Game Time offers Battlefield 4 completely free. The tap will be turned off at 10 AM PT on that day, leaving you with a decision to make, but for the next week or so, you can simply focus on pwning noobs.

BF4 screenshot 2

It’s also worth mentioning that Origin Game Time is offering Wing Commander 3 completely free to download, which is definitely worth taking a look at. Unlike the Battlefield 4 offer, WC3 is free to pick up and play forever, without any kind of limitations, but given how EA could pull the plug at any time, it’s probably best to get downloading sooner rather than later.

It is not the first time such a huge title has gone free for a limited time, it was back in May when Battlefield 3 shed its price tag to zero. And today’s offer is a testament for things to come in the future.

Ready to download the title? Simply point your browser to: and hit the orange ‘Get It Now’ button on the page. But remember, like we said before, time is limited, and it’s best you don’t waste those precious minutes further and dive straight into the action.

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