Grand Theft Auto San Andreas And Vice City Could Follow GTA III To iPhone, iPad, & Android

Those of you keeping up with developments in the world of iOS gaming may remember how we told you, not so long ago, that Rockstar’s epic game, Grand Theft Auto 3 is on its way to both the iPhone and the iPad. Pretty awesome, right?

GTA iPhone

What could be even more awesome than playing Grand Theft Auto 3 on your iDevice and Android hardware? Playing all other Grand Theft Auto games on your iDevice and Android hardware, of course!

Digital Trends got hold of the guys behind GTA, Rockstar, and put the question to them – can we expect to see other games from the Grand Theft Auto franchise making their way to Apple’s portable devices?

While determined not to be drawn on the subject complete, Rockstar did confirm that we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of seeing games such as San Andreas on iPhones and iPads in the future, so long as the hardware can support them.

…yes, since you’re probably wondering: It would be a “technical challenge” to deliver mobile ports of Vice City and San Andreas, but it is “very possible."

We like the sound of that, and we’re sure you do too!

Grand Theft Auto 3 will be available sometime in 2011, though no real release date has been given out just yet. The supported hardware has not been finalized yet, either, though Rockstar has admitted that porting the game would not be possible without recent advances in mobile hardware. The iPad 2 is the device Rockstar has been using to show the game off, and apart from that, Android tablets are also set to be compatible. Apple’s iPhone 4S is surely going to be supported too, thanks to its dual-core A5 CPU – the very same chip that powers the iPad 2.

The one thing that does concern us is the way the game will control. While using a joypad such as the wonderful Dual-Shock from Sony is no-doubt the best way to play the GTA games, how will a touch-screen compare? Rockstar has obviously come up with a unique way of playing the game based on new controls, but until we get to try the game out ourselves, we really don’t know how well it will play. From what we hear, Rockstar has toned down the difficulty compared to console and PC ports of the game, which is to be expected, but hopefully they haven’t gone too far.

We can haz GTA3 now please, Rockstar?

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