Google Glass 2 Already In The Works; Where’s The First One?

Next year should follow the usual prose when it comes to the technology industry, but one project that stands out as, quite literally, a potential eye-opener, is Google’s Glass. Having first been teased last year, it has been developed and enhanced considerably during its tenure as the Big G’s most exciting up-and-coming, and such is the level of work being put in behind the scenes, that it would seem as though the search giant is already working on a model beyond the inaugural Google Glass Explorer Edition.

Reports have suggested that the model we’re seeing at the moment, the aforementioned Explorer Edition, mightn’t be the version Google will eventually sell to consumers, and instead, a second-gen model currently in the works will, technically speaking, be the first. Today, those claims have been given even more credibility by a new report, which, having caught wind of a speech given by Mary Lou Jepsen, Display Division at the Google X lab, offers the notion that the team is already preoccupied with an upgraded and improved version of Glass.

Speaking at the EmTech conference, Jepsen reportedly revealed to the audience that on current form, the Google X lab team was only managing to grab around three hours of sleep at night in order to “bring the technology forward,” and with the on-looking tech world already somewhat excited by Glass, this is most definitely encouraging news.

Obviously, we wouldn’t advocate such sleep deprivation, but if it helps to make Glass an even better product ready for launch, then surely the exhaustive effort will be well worth it.

Glass has created a real divide within the tech community, with some unsure as to whether the wearable gizmo has a place in the consumer market. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already expressed his opinions on Glass, stating that although he feels it would “appeal to certain markets,” he also sees it as a difficult sell to the consumer, at least, at this moment in time.

Google Glass how to 2

For techies like us, though, the practical issues can be largely skimmed over, and although the projected $1500 asking price is a bit of a stretch, to say the least, we still cannot wait to give the finished, refined product a try.

(Source: TechRadar)

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