Find your Facebook Friends with Find My Friend iPhone App

Find My Friend for Facebook is a fantastic app that helps users to find the location of any of his/her friends without the knowledge of where he/she is.

Its pretty helpful in those cases when you have to meet a friend at a new crowded place, when you go like “meet me at the park at 3” – Ultimately the timings mismatch – And there is either no network coverage over there or you are out of credit – it becomes a total mess. And even if you can talk to the friend, its very hard to locate, “I am right here in the front of the building with yellow shirt on”, yeah but behind a big tree that hid you :P.

Well it’s quite a fatigue … and Find My Friend lets you easily navigate your behind-the-tree-friend using GPS and iPhone 3.0 Maps so that you don’t have to go around in circles.


  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 3G and 2G and iPod Touch.
  • You and your friend should have a Facebook account.
  • You and your friend should have Find My Friend downloaded on their iPhone.


  • Facebook integration: Lets you easily invite your friends to connect with you on Find My Friend.
  • Privacy well taken care of: Your friends will be requested to allow you to track them.
  • Map provided with the friend’s location: This will let you to see how far they are and you can even watch as they move.


  • Click "Connect to Facebook".
  • Type in your Facebook account information.
  • Check whether your friend(s) you want to find have the Find My Friend app. (Their names will appear if they do)
  • Click Invite send Notifications to your friends. You can also post a message on your Wall.
  • Touch the name of the friend you want to find.

Download Find My Friend for Facebook (iTunes Link)