Dock Turns Your iPhone 4 Into A Computer Touchpad

If there’s one thing, the iPhone isn’t short of it’s docks. Companies make millions each year by  giving use thousands of different ways to stop our iPhones falling over, but we’ve never seen one that incorporates a full keyboard before. This is where CompuExpert comes in.

Relatively unheard of, CompuExpert has put together the Wow-Keys dock and given it a couple of party tricks to show off to its friends. The most striking difference here is the addition of a full QWERTY keyboard, which gives the dock the tools to pull off its two other surprises.

First we have the option to use the keyboard as an input device for the attached iPhone should you decide to write War & Peace. Unlikely, but a nice option to have nonetheless.

The next feature kicks into action when the keyboard is attached to a computer. Now, using the Wow-Keys iOS app the iPhone can be used as an input device for your computer, with the app providing twelve hot-keys for commonly used functions.

With all this functionality the Wow-Keys comes with a not inconsiderable price tag – the unit will set you back $99.99 and will be available from May 24th.

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