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Officially speaking, HTC’s HD2 will not be getting a Windows Phone 7 upgrade. All because it doesn’t comply with WP7’s hardware specifications. And what hardware specs, you might ask? Not having three buttons! Yes, HD2 won’t get WP7 all because it has two extra buttons despite the fact that it meets all other specifications.

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Microsoft has finally updated the Windows Marketplace for Mobile to version 1.2.1417.0001 . This new version brings the much needed feature where users can now select on whether they want to install the downloaded apps to the onboard storage, or to the external storage card. Also added is the ability to choose any region/market from which you want to download and install apps. What this means is that even if you are living outside US, you can still access the US store and install the apps from there by simply changing your region to “United States”.

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Windows Mobile 7 / Windows Phone 7 UI has been leaked just a few hours before the official announcement. These shots were captured when the sheets covering these banners were lifted for a very brief moment on Microsoft’s booth at Mobile World Congress. Without any further delay, here is how the latest version of Windows Mobile/Windows Phone is going to look like.

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