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Attention PlayStation Vita owners. If you didn’t already know, then it might be the time to power on that little portable gaming machine and update the device as Sony has made the 1.80 software update available for all owners. If you happen to keep abreast of these things, then a lot of the functionality and upgrades within the update will already be known to you, but it does offer one or two little additional inclusions that may just bring a smile to even the most entitled Vita owner.

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In a surprising move, instead of taking on Nintendo DS line of portable gaming, Sony takes a shot at Apple and its iPhone / iOS gaming system by calling it “that isn’t built for big boy games, that is built for texting your grandma and calling your girl”. Seriously Sony? you are comparing a full-fledged portable gaming console to a multi-functional smartphone? Something is surely not right at Sony, they are probably thinking that they have missed their opportunity at cell phone gaming market with a possible PlayStation Phone. And so now they want us to believe that paying for old PSP collection at $10 is better than paying for App Store games on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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