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It has been an interesting few weeks and months for webOS, the mobile operating system that technology giant HP picked up as part of its acquisition of Palm.

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Things just got real folks! At their big event today, HP finally announced its swanky new tablet to the world, and it’s a beauty!

Called the HP TouchPad, the tablet is the result of Palm being absorbed into the world of HP with webOS beating at the heart of the device. With more sliding and swiping than you can throw a stick at, this new version of Palm’s webOS brings the software up to version 3.0 and it’s never looked so good.

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Apple today has announced the much anticipated iPhone 3G S with the brand new iPhone OS 3.0 for both the new and the previous gen models. The biggest question that many people are asking themselves is whether it is worth purchasing an iPhone 3G S instead of the newly released Palm Pre or the forthcoming Windows Phones with Windows Mobile 6.5?

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