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Things just got real folks! At their big event today, HP finally announced its swanky new tablet to the world, and it’s a beauty!

Called the HP TouchPad, the tablet is the result of Palm being absorbed into the world of HP with webOS beating at the heart of the device. With more sliding and swiping than you can throw a stick at, this new version of Palm’s webOS brings the software up to version 3.0 and it’s never looked so good.

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CNET Asia has put together a video which demonstrates real world speed tests between Palm Pre, iPhone 3G S and its predecessor iPhone 3G. They carried out three tests in phase one which includes cold boot times, web browsing speeds and taking a picture and then sending it over air via email.

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Do you want to turn your iPhone into a Palm Pre? A user from has posted a Palm Pre theme for iPhone which lets you experience the best of both worlds. Named as Palm Prēfection, it basically skins different apps and parts of the iPhone OS to look like Palm Pre.

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