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Say what you want about Microsoft, but the boys in Redmond sure know how to make some interesting (if useless) technology. Hot on the heels of tech like Surface, and Kinect (OK, not all of it’s useless) comes a new way of creating accurate 3D models – using your mobile phone.

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Web Sandbox from Live Labs

By | October 26th, 2008

The genius guys over at Microsoft Live Labs have released a solution for web developers to secure their web application content from hackers through isolation.

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If you saw the Touch Wall demonstration by Bill Gates, you would have noticed the cool and fluent interactive interface that Touch Wall had. He used it to browse through many PowerPoint presentations on the fly, along with panning and zooming. The pptPlex plugin available for download by Microsoft Office Labs lets you do that on in Microsoft PowerPoint now. It’s used by a mouse and not a touch interface though, but th[…]

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