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Digg Gets a Redesign, Yet Again

By | February 2nd, 2011

Since the launch of the version 4 back in August, the new Digg has been getting minor over-hauls time and again. One of the main reasons of the frequent changes is to bring back the user experience to the Digg community.

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Since the launch of Digg v4 earlier in August, the staff at Digg has been continuously rolling out new features to grab their lost user-base back. This has definitely given me a better user experience (in terms of features) but the social news site hasn’t been able to put together the scattered community.

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So the Digg v4 was launched yesterday. A monster full of bugs as if no testing was done before it was made available to public on a busy day at a busy hour. Bugs weren’t the only thing which made me think that way, everything about new digg seems like it was never tested.

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