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On the face of this planet, if there’s one service that’s truly popular after Facebook, that’s Twitter. The microblogging platform has grown into so much more than where it started from, similar to how the largest social network – Facebook – evolved. Twitter has become the number one source for keeping abreast with people from almost all walks of life, especially celebrities. Now, who is a bigger celebrity than the POTUS – President Of The United States – himself? It appears that six years in the office, President Barack Obama finally has his own Twitter account which he will handle directly, and he sent his first tweet using an iPhone, of all devices.

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Barack Obama is an icon to many of us, not only in America but all across the world. What we know him the most for is the grassroots campaign he ran, but now that he’s President, some think the “yes we can feel” has drowned out. In order to deal with that, Obama will start posting on his Twitter account, and become more active on Facebook.

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President-elect of the United States of America – Barack Obama is preparing to make a switch from his beloved BlackBerry RIMs to Sectera Edge. CNET has found out that the former United States Senator from Illinois would have to make a switch once he takes over the office come January 20th.

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