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Thursday, May 28, Google took to stage at the I/O 2015 conference to unveil some upcoming new features for Android wear, including WiFi support, always-on apps, new launcher, emojis, wrist gestures, glance-able apps, and much more. All in the hopes of making Android Wear much better than what it is already. And all that you’d find […]

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Google Docs is an online solution by Google to edit word documents, spreadsheets, keynotes and other activities with other users for free. Google today has announced full support for editing and sharing of Google Docs on all iOS devices running version of iOS 3.x and Android users running Froyo 2.2.

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A SyncToy for the Cloud

By | November 2nd, 2008

Codename “Anchorage”, a project of SQL Services Labs is an evolution of SyncToy, a powertoy for Windows used to sync files between different computers, being developed for Windows Azure. It uses the Microsoft Sync Framework to let you keep different types of content synced across not just different PCs but also services and devices. Some […]

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