Our friends over at Anker have us all hooked up, because they have shared their Amazon Prime Day deals with us so that you don’t have to go hunting for what’s on offer.

Apple today took the opportunity on World Emoji Day to share that it will be adding no fewer than 70 new emoji to most of its platforms this fall, with the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac all gaining the icons.

Apple’s iPhones have been known to shatter just from someone looking at them sometimes and while that can be a real boon for those in the iPhone case trade, it’s no good for anyone who is wanting to keep their pride and joy in as-new condition for as long as possible.

Here’s your first look at Sileo, the Electra jailbreak team’s Cydia alternative installer app. Check out the video right here.

Tests show that 2018 MacBook Pro offers the biggest yearly performance increase since the year 2011. Check out the benchmark results here.

Electra team has announced Sileo Cydia replacement or alternative for Electra iOS 11.3.1 / 11.4 jailbreak. Here’s what you need to know.

CarBridge for iOS allows the running of all manner of apps via CarPlay like Waze, Google Maps, Netflix, Fortnite, YouTube and more, regardless of any limitations that Apple has tried to put in place before now.

Today we are telling you about two awesome backpacks that have USB charging ports built in, perfect for keeping those devices charged up while on the go.

Here’s 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard Vs 2016 Vs 2017 variant which shows that the keyboard on the newer model is quieter than the older version.

Apple has injected some World Cup media magic into its French and Croatian regional Apple.com websites ahead of FIFA World Cup 2018 final in Moscow, Russia.

Here’s iOS 11.4.1 jailbreak scene update after it was discovered that the SEP and baseband of the latest firmware aren’t compatible with iOS 11.3.1.

Remember George Hotz? You know, that guy who hacked/jailbreak/unlocked the first iPhone (and many subsequent iOS versions), pwned the PlayStation 3, went to work for a string of giant tech companies, trolled Elon Musk, and then started his own self-driving car startup all before the age of 26? Yeah, that guy! Well, he’s back!

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