Apple has today made this week’s free iOS app available, with the game Magnetized receiving the honor of the badge ‘App of the Week.’ More details and download link can be found right here.

Here are the best Apple Watch health apps that can really help you lose weight and remain fit. Complete list can be found here.

Here’s how to change default Mac OS X screenshot save location in a few easy steps, allowing you to better manage the clutter of taking screenshots.

Facebook is looking to add a bit of certainty to its Messenger app, as the social media giant launches a new caller ID feature for new Messenger conversations. From now on, the next time a non-friend messages you on Facebook, you will be shown a brief publicly available information on that particular contact.

Has anyone mistaken your Apple Watch for a Casio Calculator Watch? Chances are, it’s the old-timers who may make that mistake given how a calculator on the wrist was a huge tech advancement and carried that cool factor almost two decades back. You know what they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Enter – Geek Watch, the app which transforms your Apple Watch into a Casio-styled Calculator Watch.

Here’s how you can use Apple Watch with 5GHz WiFi networks using this simple workaround. Complete details, along with step-by-step guide – with screenshots – can be found right here.

New videos featuring Apple co-founder Steve Jobs don’t pop up every day at this point, so when a new one does surface everyone tends to take note. That happened recently, and the video has the added bonus of featuring Steve Wozniak, too.

Mozilla Firefox web browser for iOS has been released to select beta testers. Those interested on how to get in on the action can read the details here.

Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 will be impossible to jailbreak because of the following reason, according to a newly published report, and changes which Apple is making going forward.

iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and OS X 10.11 for Mac features have been detailed in latest leak. More on what has been revealed can be found right here.

With the iPhone 6 Plus setting off the Bendgate scandal, the iPhone 5c has stepped in to reassert that Apple makes tough and durable smartphones – to an extent that it may even save your life. One lucky user of this mid-range smartphone has survived being shot at after an iPhone 5c in his pocket managed to bear the brunt of the impact.

Apple released Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 a few days back. The update was targeted at improving the performance of many fitness-related functions, but in that bid, a familiar yet unfortunate story has unfolded as reports begin dropping in that the Watch OS 1.0.1 update carries a particular bug.

Emoji characters are hands down the best thing that has ever happened to mobile based IM and chat services. With an array of emoji characters already at our disposal on the iOS and Android platform, fans are in for a treat where as many as 38 new emoji could be headed to the aforementioned mobile platforms soon enough.

A firm specializing in advising on information security has published a report into a vulnerability found within a component known as NetUSB, a proprietary technology found within millions of home routers around the world. NetUSB is developed by a Taiwanese company called KCodes and is essentially offered as a means of allowing PCs and Macs to connect to USB devices over a network. The bug within the technology, if exploited, could essentially allow malicious individuals to compromise any device running the driver.

Who says that sixty-two year old magazine publications can’t embrace the digital era and give its readership what it craves? In response to almost 16 million people visiting the website each month from mobile devices, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy publication has taken the digital leap and updated its mobile app called Playboy NOW.

Those waiting for the fourth part of the Game of Thrones game won’t have to wait much longer, with May 26 being the start of a few days’ worth of launches.

Right now we spend all of our time trying to stay as connected to the outside world as is humanly possible. We may pretend like we want to have more time away from notifications and the constant stress of being always reachable, but the reality is that if we really wanted to make a change to the way we live our lives, we would just stop carrying smartphones around with us.

The 2015 iOS vs Android comparison: 12 reasons why Apple’s iOS beats Google’s Android and vice versa. Complete list can be found here.

How to replace iPhone system font with iOS 9 San Francisco font in a few easy steps. More details on this can be found here.

iOS 9 features for iPad and new 12-inch iPad Pro – models J98, J99 – have been detailed in a new report. More details on the matter can be found here.

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