When Apple announced that it was finally bringing widgets of sorts to the iOS ecosystem we all rejoiced. When we found out that widgets were actually going to be part of Notification Center, we all wondered how long it would be before Apple was going to reject apps that tried to make games playable as a widget.

Here’s how you can edit portrait photos in iOS 8 to remove dark circles, wrinkles, blemishes, add effects and more right from the stock Photos app. More details can be found right here.

Here’s how you can add twice as much iTunes music on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch using this very simple trick. More details and complete step-by-step guide can be found right here.

The latest iOS 8 issue to catch everyone’s attention is the ‘GMT Bug’ in Calendar app which seems to be messing up time zones of synced calendar events, where said events added by users are often springing up with a secondary time zone. More on this news, right after the jump.

A new iOS and accompanying Mac app make it possible to unlock your computer using Touch ID, even if Apple hasn’t yet put a fingerprint sensor on its computers.

For 24 hours only, new customers in the United States can buy Amazon Prime for just $72 – that’s quite the reduction on the normal price of $99. More details on the whole deal can be found right here after the jump.

The animated flick -The LEGO Movie – has been spawned from the big screen title that it is, to a game for your iPhone and iPad devices. Head on after the jump for the download link and further details.

Research on mobile device usage often throws up some interesting findings, and a new study, which has looked at iPhone usage rates on a state-by-state basis, has not only shown some intriguing stats linking iPhone traffic rates with education level, population density and median income, but also shed some light on which states have the highest percentage of iPhone users. Check the details of the research after the leap!

Windows 10 January Technical Preview Build 9926 download with Cortana and new Xbox app is now available. More details and how to download / update can be found right here.

Natively, Apple makes it nice and easy for users to take screenshots of any particular moment, but despite a robust set of stock features, processing screenshots isn’t such a walk in the park. If, for example, you just want the image or text part of a screen grab, then editing can prove rather tedious, but a new third-party app touts itself as an all-in-one service for your screenshot-related needs.

Being named Apple’s App Store App of the Week is no mean feat, and one that can instantly propel an app or game into the limelight and turn it from an also-ran into the king of apps.

We’ve seen a large number of concept products being bandied around the Internet over the last few years. Apart from the usual “next-generation iPhone or iPad” mockups and the “here’s what Apple’s next MacBook” will look like concepts, we’ve also had designers and engineers producing artwork for futuristic cars, robots with advanced artificial intelligence, and even invisible cloaks. With that in mind, it doesn’t seem so bizarre that a team of individuals have put their collective brains together and invented the “Mouse-Box” concept; an everyday looking mouse with an actual functioning computer built inside of it.

Apple’s upcoming smartwatch may not be the first place you’ll think of when it comes to playing games, but even with its diminutive 1.5-inch display it’s clear that someone, somewhere, is going to want to play Angry Birds or whatever the hot game of the year happens to be. The problem is, obviously enough, fitting anything meaningful onto such a small screen is never going to be easy.

The rumors of a reported 12-inch MacBook Air are gathering pace and with the old adage of there being no smoke without fire very much in our minds, the latest leak to almost confirm the device’s existence includes photographs of what appears to be a screen set for the phantom notebook.

According to BlackBerry’s CEO, Apple’s iMessage service, Netflix, and similarly more apps should be available across all major smartphone platforms. Wait, what?

Here’s how you can delete unread messages on Facebook without opening them up on the Web or mobile phone. Head on after the jump for the complete guide.

Apple may have gone ahead and announced Apple Watch back in September alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but it’s still apparently quite a way off reaching the consumer market, with reports suggesting that shipping will commence at the end of March. At September’s initial keynote, Apple did offer a fairly strong impression of the design and software aspects without going into too much detail, and so now, a new report has shed some light on what’s in the offing.

Everybody likes something for free, and most paid streaming music services tend to offer some kind of limited sampler for prospective users to accustom themselves to. But whilst many of us will have tried out 30-second clips of songs on iTunes or ad-befuddled Spotify Free, an intriguing new iPhone app allows you to play full length tracks without parting with any of that hard-earned cash. What’s more, it’s completely legal, so if the idea of a free app containing free music has piqued your interest, be sure to join us for further details and that all-important download link after the leap.

The wireless carrier game is, particularly in the United States, considered an unfair one as far as many consumers are concerned, with network operators very reluctant to offer more flexible, tailored packages. But according to a new report, Google has signed a deal with Sprint and T-Mobile that will permit the search giant to operate as a carrier, and, one hopes, offer better rates to the consumer.

5.5-inch HTC One M9 Plus Android smartphone specs and features have been leaked along with photos. More details can be found right past the jump.

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