Learning to play the piano properly has never been something that most of us can just walk into cold, but there are techniques that can be used in order to try and make the learning process as easy as possible. Georgia Tech, for example, created some gloves which vibrate in order to help people learn how to play. Ingenious stuff.

Apple’s iPhone 6 is well on the way. Set to be announced at the Flint Center on Apple’s Cupertino campus in just 12 days’ time, we now know quite a bit about the forthcoming handset. For example, we’re aware that it will pack a vastly improved (albeit still dual-core) A8 processor and Near-Field Communication (or NFC) – something that Apple has stood back and allowed Android / Windows Phone vendors to indulge in unchallenged. A new leak today offers some high-quality snaps purported to depict the iPhone 6′s logic board, and therein, we get a glimpse of the new A8 SoC as well as the NFC component.

The announcement yesterday that the iPhone 6 event would indeed be held on September 9th was preceded by numerous reports that the iWatch would also be making an appearance on the very same date. But while it was initially suggested that the company’s very first smartwatch would be released in October, it is now being reported that we’ll only be getting a mere preview of the device, and that it won’t, in fact, hit retail outlets until next year.

It’s become official now that the new iPhone 6 is finally coming on September 9th – something that has been in the rumors for quite some time now. However, it’s absolutely certain now and has been certain even before, that no one would be getting even a sneak peak at the actual device until whatever it date it gets for the official unveiling. That never discouraged people from speculating what the device can look like through concept designs, and now, a luxury retailer has put together a bootable prototype of the iPhone 6 through several leaked parts. Yup, it does boot!

The weekend is here, folks, and whether you’re looking to be productive or simply kick back and enjoy some of the exciting titles that the App Store has to offer, then, well… there’s an app (or game) for that! We’ve a nice assortment of usually paid content just gone free for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, so join us after the jump for the full low-down.

After Yo!, the one-word app that simply let you say “Yo!” to your buddies, another developer has come through with something equally simplistic. Emojli, as you might imagine, is an IM app that only permits you to send emojis. But given what we’re seeing on Twitter, Facebook et al on a daily basis, it would seem, for the most part, that instant messaging has already become an emoji-only experience.

In the modern Digital Age, the primary IM services are WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, iMessage alongside a myriad of others boasting millions of users. But not so long ago, Microsoft’s MSN Messenger was the dominant force, but after the Windows maker acquired Skype for the tidy sum of $8.5 billion, things seemed to wane. Now, after 15 long years – the last few of which have been in relative obscurity – the software maker has finally decided to kill off MSN Messenger for good, which means users in China – which is the last place where Messenger lives – will have to say goodbye to Microsoft’s famed messaging service for good.

Sapphire Glass. It sounds so lovely, doesn’t it? And for the past few months, it’s been used to talk-up the impending iPhone 6. But while Apple will no doubt wax poetic about this material upon the launch of its next-gen smartphone, the only way to tell if it’s more than just a gimmick is to see how it holds up against the current Gorilla Glass, and now, a video of the stress test that everyone’s been waiting on has emerged.

For the most part, the purported design of the iPhone 6 has been lauded by commentators, but conversely, the antenna breaks to the rear side of the device have been labeled as ugly. Certainly, they’re not the most stylish of components, even if necessary to the overall running of the device, but a new leak of what is claimed to be a finished production model of the Space Gray iPhone 6 rear shell suggests that the lines mightn’t be as unsightly as some had feared.

The guest accounts feature present on most desktop operating systems is key, for it allows users to share their devices and machines with friends or family whilst maintaining privacy. If you just wish to let somebody use the Web for a quick search, though, logging out of your own account and loading up the guest profile is a bit of a drawn-out process. A new Chrome beta released by Google makes it easier to share your Chrome browser with the aforementioned thanks to the introduction of guest mode, meaning that you can permit folk to surf the Web on your device without potentially revealing any of your data.

It’s a rumor that crops up every year and has Apple supposedly bringing NFC support to whatever iPhone it is working on at the time. This year has been no different, but with perhaps a little more to it this time around. If you’ve been hopeful of an NFC equipped iPhone in the past, then you may be in luck.

Samsung has a humongous marketing budget. Time and again, we see the Korean company spend lavishly on strange, interesting, and simply grandiose PR campaigns, but when it isn’t renaming terminals at London’s Heathrow Airport, the Galaxy maker does occasionally keep things nice and simple. Given that the Apple iPad Air is a direct competitor to the Galaxy Tab S, Samsung thought it would be a good idea to take both to the streets of NYC and record the reactions of consumers asked to compare the two.

As well as continuing work on its bread-and-butter services like Search, Maps and Android, Google is always looking to expand with intriguing, innovative advancements. Project Ara is one, Project Glass another, and with self-driving cars also in the works, the Big G has just showcased Project Wing. A drone-powered courier service, Project Wing appears to be a competitor to Amazon’s Prime Air, and the aircraft itself is lightweight, completely unmanned, and considered a cross between a helicopter and a plane.

Although most of the rumors we’ll be hearing over the next couple of weeks will likely tread on old ground, the fact that we’ve official confirmation of the iPhone 6 event places renewed emphasis on whatever is divulged. For example, it has long since been suggested that Apple’s next-gen iPhone will be pricier than the current-generation iPhone 5s, but with carriers now coming through with figures for the retail run of the fruit company’s impending handset, we perhaps didn’t realize just how much more it will be costing.

Through the last few generations of iOS, Apple has looked to pool certain aspects of its mobile operating systems into unified, easy-to-manage hubs. First it was the Notification Center of iOS 5, and back in September, we finally got system-wide access to toggles with the Control Center. But the Mac maker could certainly do with adding a few more of these systems across the platform, and one third-party offering seeks to simplify the process of contacting folk and sending messages.

Although many of us have now adapted to the idea of a touch-based keyboard, there are still limitations to this feature. One of the glaringly obvious caveats is that when a keyboard is in use, it can often command half of a device’s display real estate, and in some instances, we’re forced to cease typing in order to review the content we’ve written or are replying to. Inconvenient indeed, but the author of the Minuum keyboard, which has a popular following on Android, has pledged its name to the long list of developers porting products over to iOS 8, and with it, confirmed that it will include a neat feature that will see the keyboard adjust in height.

Earlier on today, Apple confirmed the news that the blogosphere had long since suspected – that the special iPhone 6 / iWatch event would indeed be held in 13 days’ time on September 9th. Wasting little time, preparations for the keynote are already well under way, and although the Cupertino company is doing its level best to keep everything under wraps, those in the know have already begun trying to piece together what’s in store.

With today having finally seen the announcement of the iPhone 6 event, I’m sure many of you will be looking to stock up on iOS apps and games ready for the official announcement. We’re just a couple of weeks away from seeing what’s next, and with the device itself likely to set you back a fair amount, you can save some extra pennies by grabbing these paid apps gone free. As usual, we’ve a nice little bundle, and below, you’ll find descriptions and download links of each and every one.

For a while now, it has been suggested that Apple will strengthen the front panel of the upcoming iPhone 6 with sapphire glass, but while there have been conflicting reports indicating that only some variants of the impending handset would indulge, one analyst has come through with something a little more clarifying. Apparently, every single model of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6L will be laden in the clearer, more robust sapphire glass material, while only a portion of the 4.7-inch inventory will follow suit.

Microsoft’s Xbox One isn’t a slick as it might have been, and although we’re expecting revised design and coloring options to trickle out over the next few years, one concept maker has come through with something rather special. The matte black finish, which is curved and rounded off to complement the design of the all-new Xbox One controller, has us wishing it were real, and below, you can check it out for yourself.

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